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DeepFake Protection

Between 2022 and Q1 2024, the use of deepfakes in fraud soared by 1,200% in the United States alone.

FameFlow is constantly developing and implementing powerful and scalable solutions to protect celebrities, platforms, brands, and internet users.

cybercrime protection with Rexxfield

24/7 Protection Powered by Rexxfield Cybercrime Investigators

FameFlow celebrities* have direct access through FameFlow's mobile app to Rexxfield Cybercrime Investigation Services; the world’s first specialty private cybercrime investigation agency.

Rexxfied has worked with the U.S. Marshals, FBI, USSS, DHS, numerous European, African, and Asian cybercrime police agencies, Australian State and Federal police, and many private security and corporate intelligence organizations.

On-Call Emergency Help Available

FameFlow protection extends beyond mere likeness rights, Rexxfield provides emergency first responder help for all cybercrimes with confidentiality for high-profile individuals. Rexxfield works directly with law enforcement agencies globally to expedite justice and relief from impersonation, stalking and other internet crimes.

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Likeness rights protection

FameFlow's likeness rights protection software eliminates unauthorized use of celebrity likeness across paid social media channels.

DeepFake AD Filtration For Platforms

FameFlow has pioneered a deepfake protection solution, protecting it's users from scaled deployment of fraudulent ads impersonating celebrities.

Efficiently filter and block illegal likeness rights useage
Lightweight and scalable

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