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Customer approach

FameFlow's AI-powered platform creates paid ads featuring superstars that promote products and services. We operate with a commitment to responsible and ethical practices and always prioritize respect for individuals' likeness rights and privacy.

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FameFlow is committed to responsible and ethical AI development prioritizing people and security.


FameFlow protects people's likeness rights through developing and enhancing tools to prevent unauthorized use of their images.


FameFlow is the safest avatar platform by design, with a robust filtration and monitoring system to protect customers' reputations.


FameFlow values transparency and aims to build trust with customers by providing clear and accurate information.

How it works?

AI analyses your product, selects the most suitable celebrities creates a script, generates ads, and launches ads on social media.

Product analyze

FameFlow AI will analyze your product, competitive landscape

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Influencer matching

FameFlow, will select best influencers for your product starting from micro influencers and finishing with 'A-list' Hollywood stars

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Content Synthesis

Generate personalized ads for each group of users

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Advertising deployment

FameFlow will deploy ads and constantly adapt its strategy

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